Thermally Tunable Fibre Bragg Grating

The OETFG-300 allows you to fine-tune the central wavelength of a fibre Bragg grating by using a thermo-electric cooler (TEC). The grating can easily be replaced for a greater flexibilty in the central wavelength.
The device is available in turn-key version, including a chamber box, a TEC, a heat sink and a temperature controller. An OEM version is also available for customer who already own a temperature controller. The OEM version only includes a chamber box, a TEC and a heat sink.



Model number: OETFG-300

Figure 1: OETFG-300, OEM version

Figure 2: OETFG-300, turn-key version

Specifications of OETFG-300:

Parameter Unit Value
Working wavelength nm 500 - 2400
Filtre bandwidth (FWHM) nm < 0.2
Tuning range nm < 2
Insertion loss db < 0.5
Reflectivity % 5 - 99.9
Fibre type - SM or PM
Connector - FC/PC, FC/APC
Chamber dimensions (W x L x H) mm 46 x 46 x 5 (internal), or custom
Storage temperature ° C 0 - +70

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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