2.0um Wide Band Fiber Coupler (Splitter)

2.0um wide band fiber coupler (splitter) is a micro optics based fiber splitter with wavelength range from 0.9um - 2.6um and with low insertion loss. With part number OEWBS-100, this ultra wide band splitter can work up to 2600nm wavelength range where the conventional fused fiber coupler has a huge loss.  Another big advantage of OEWBS-100 is that it can work with single mode fiber, multi mode fiber, PM fiber, POF fiber.  Fiber coupler working at other mid infrared wavelength ( 2.0 um - 5.0um ) is also available.

2.0um Wide Band Fiber Coupler Specifications:

Port Configuration 1x2 or 2x2
Working Wavelength (nm) 900 - 2600
Splitting Ratio  50:50
Fiber Type  SM, MM, PM, POF
Operating Temperature (oC)  -20 - + 60
Storage Temperature (oC)  -40 - + 85
Package Size (mm) 25 x 25 x 25

Figure 1. OEWBS-100  2.0um Fiber  Splitter


  • Optical Communication System

  • Optical Testing System

  • Optical Fiber Sensor

  • Optical Power Distribution

  • Fiber Amplifier Module

  • Biomedical Instrumentation


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