Free Space Fibre Connection with Attenuator

Do you constantly fibre connectors all the time when you work with high power laser sources? If your answer is "Yes", we have a solution for you.

A new product called "Free Space Fibre Optic Connection with Attenuator," with model number OEFFC-100 and with built-in attenuator and FC/APC to FC/PC receptacle connectors, can be used to build a free space connection for high power light sources. Many optical scientists and engineers are facing the problem of burnt fibre connectors.
OEFFC-100 can solve this problem by connecting two fiber connectors with a free space connection and keep these two fibre connectors at some distance to avoid burns caused by dust. These two fibre connectors could be both FC/PC and FC/APC or one FC/PC and one FC/APC.

Another advantage is that this free space fibre connection has a built-in attenuator to attenuate the light intensity and to protect your component and parts.

Figure 1: Free Space Fibre Connection with built-in Attenuator, one FC/PC and one FC/APC

Specifications of OEFFC-100:

Parameter Unit Value
Attenuation dB 0 - 20
Dimensions mm 90 x 45 x 75 (L x W x H)
Beam Size mm ≤ 1.0
Beam Centre Height mm 30
Working Wavelength nm 300 - 2500
Connector Type - FC/PC, FC/APC
Working Temperature °C 0 - 60
Storage Temperature °C -20 - + 80

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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