Fibre Humidity Sensor

A new fibre grating humidity sensor is now available at O/E LAND INC. The new sensor OEFHS-100 is based on a patent pending technology and profits from our advanced fibrr Bragg gratings know-how. Fibre grating humidity sensors are used to measure the relative humidity (RH) in a wide range with high accuracy and sensitivity. An optional temperature sensor can be built in with humidity sensor for monitoring both humidity and temperature at the same time.

Although individual humidity sensors can be used in various applications, O/E Land Inc offers humidity sensor arrays in which multiple FBG sensor are written in the same optical fiber.

Model number: OEFHS-100A, OEFHS-100B

Figure 1: OEFHS-100A, Fibre humidity Sensor

Figure 2: OEFHS-100B, Fibre humidity Sensor


Specifications of OEFHS-100A and OEFHS-100B:

Parameter Unit Value
Range %RH 10 - 100
Sensitivity pm / %RH 4.51
Central wavelength nm 1060, 1300, 1550
Size (diameter x length) mm 6 x 40 or 3 x 40 6 x 60 or 3 x 60
Temperature sensor - None Built-in
Fibre output - Single or double
Fibre cable - 3 mm2
Operation temperature °C 0 - 802
1A higher sensitivity product will be available soon. Please contact us for details
2An armoured fibre cable is also available for temperatures higher than 100 °C.

Fibre Bragg grating temperature sensors with any wavelength can be delivered in a short time. Low cost product, quick delivery time, high reliability and good performance are our products' main features.

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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