Fibre Grating Displacement Sensor

A new, low cost fibre displacement sensor is now available at O/E LAND INC. Based on our patented technology of wide band tunable fiber Bragg gratings, our fibre displacement sensors with model number OEFDS-100 are used to measure the relative movement between two different positions in structures like bridges, big buildings, dam et al.. An optional built-in temperature sensor built can be included for monitoring both displacement and temperature simultaneously.

Model number: OEFDS-100

Figure 1: Fibre Displacement Sensor

Specifications of OEFDS-100:

Parameter Unit Value
Range mm 5 - 50
Resolution % < 0.1
Precision % < 1
Fibre pigtail - 2 x 1.0 m long, with 3 mm tubing (armoured cable available)


Fibre Bragg grating temperature sensors with any wavelength can be delivered in a short time. Low cost product, quick delivery time, high reliability and good performance are our products' main features.

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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