1550 nm Tunable External Cavity Laser Source

Based on our electrically tunable filter, we release the tunable external cavity fiber laser for C and L bands. The laser can perform continuously over a 50~90 nm tuning range. The laser is controlled by a computer in a user-friendly interface through the USB port. The tuning speed, resolution and the scanning range can be easily set in the interface window.

With model number OETLS-300, this compact, rugged laser provides high output power and high side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) and excellent linear wavelength-scanning, which is a cost-effective OEM product for system integration applications or turn key solution for general test, and laboratory purposes.



Parameter Unit Value
Product name - OETLS-300-1550 OETLS-300W-1550
Center wavelength nm 1550 ± 10
Tuning range nm 50 90
Wavelength resolution pm ~ 10
Wavelength repeatability pm ± 20
Wavelength stability pm ± 30
Tuning speed nm/s 13
Peak output power mW > 20
Output power over tuning range mW > 10
Output bandwidth pm ~ 50 (< 10 MHz option available)
Output polarization state - Linear or Random
SMSR dB > 50
Interface - USB
Operating temperature °C 10 - 70
Dimensions mm 120 x 180 x 50 (OEM), 250 x 250 x 110 (Turn Key)
Weight kg < 1.0

Figure 1: Measured output from OETLS-300-1550

Figure 2: Wavelength tuning of the tunable laser source as a function of actuator steps


The main windows of the interface look like Fig. 3, where the user can easily control the device parameters (such as: resolution and tuning speed), set the target wavelength and scan (multiple or continuous) between two specified wavelengths. The device could also be completely re-calibrated by the user in the provided calibration window if necessary.

Figure 3: Tunable laser Interface

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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