Fibre Coupled Fabry-Perot Etalon

A new fibre-pigtailed Fabry-Perot Ealon with model number OEFPE-100 is now available at O/E Land Inc. The etalon is used in telecommunications systems as narrow band filters to lock a laser cavity on a fixed frequency. They are also used as a frequency reference in the high precision tunable laser sources as well as other applications including optical telecommunications, optical sensing, etc.

Figure 1: OEFPE-100
Figure 1: OEFPE-100


Parameter Unit Value
Centre Wavelength nm 1550
Operating Range nm C + L Bands
Free Spectral Range GHz 25, 50, 100 or customer specified
Finesse - 2.9
Fibre Type - SMF-28
Fibre Length m 1
Fibre Connectors - FC/SC/LC - PC/APC
Operating Temperature °C 10 - 60
Dimensions mm 14 x 14 x 10


Testing Data

Figure 2: Output Spectrum of OEFPE-100

Figure 3: Wavelength Range of OEFPE-100

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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