News for November 2011

Receptacle Fibre Connection with Build in Attenuator

For High Power Application

Do you have a problem to burn fiber connector all the time when you work with high power laser source and high power light source? If your answer is Yes, we will then have a solution for you.

A new product called "Free Space Fiber Optic Connection with Attenuator" , with model number OEFFC-100 with building attenuator and FC/APC to FC/PC receptacle connectors, can be used to build a free space connection for high power light source. Many optical scientists and engineers are facing a problem of  burning fiber connector of high power laser source  like supercontinuum light source when two fiber connectors are physically contacted. 

OEFFC-100 can solve this problem by connecting two fiber connectors with a free space connection and keep these two fiber connectors at some distance to avoid burning connector surface caused by any dust. These two fiber connectors could be both FC/PC and  FC/APC or one FC/PC and one FC/APC.

Another advantage is this free space fiber connection has a build in attenuator to attenuated light intensity and to protect your component and parts.

For more information, please check following link:

Free Space Fiber Connection With Build in Attenuator


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