News for May 2006

Fiber Coupled Laser Diode with Optical Shuttle

O/E LAND INC. begin to offer new type fiber coupled laser diode module with build in optical shuttle with model number TO-ShuttleTM Laser Diode. TO-ShuttleTM Laser Diode can be receptacle or pigtailed with single mode fiber, multi mode fiber, PM fiber, or other special type fiber. With our property package technology, TO-ShuttleTM Laser Diode has high coupling efficiency, small size, low cost, TO-ShuttleTM Laser Diode can be used as stand alone or a OEM component for many applications in instrumentation, biomedical, sensor, chemical and other industries.  

TO-ShuttleTM Laser Diode can be equipped with any single mode or multimode FP laser diode, DFB laser diode, VCSEL, SLED, LED and other types of laser diode. The customer can specify any type of laser diode and we will make high coupling efficiency fiber receptacle or pigtailed laser diode module for you.

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