Packaged FBG Sensor with cable connector

A new, low cost packaged fiber grating sensor with connector at one end and protection tube (PEEK) over the grating part is now available at O/E LAND INC.  Based on our new design, this new sensor can be widely used in optical fiber telecommunication, sensor, biomedical, instrumentation, and other industry applications.

Protection over grating part: Polyetheretherketone. Which is  tough, strong, rigid, and resistant to steam, creep, solvents, and UV rays. Exhibiting excellent hydrolysis resistance, very low flammability and smoke generation, and excellent mechanical properties, it can be used continuously to 480F (250C) and in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties. 

Model number:   OEPSG-100

Figure 1. Polyetheretherketone protecting sensor at one end and connector at the other end


Wavelength: between 785nm and 1620nm

Bandwidth: from 0.05nm and more

Reflectivity: up to 30dB

Pigtail length: one meter standard or customer's choice

Connector: FC/PC or FC/APC or customer specify


With a large selection of bare fiber grating sensor inventory( see Fiber Grating Sensor in Bare Fiber), packaged fiber grating sensor with any wavelength can be delivered in three days. Low cost product, quick delivery time, high reliability and good performance are the main features of this product.


Feel free to contact us at (514) 344 - 4588 or at for more information on this product.

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Last update: Sept. 3rd, 2003

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