Fiber 785nm Laser Source for Raman Spectroscopy

---Powered by our wavelength stabilized technology


O/E Land Inc. announced new 785nm high power, wavelength stabilized laser sources for Raman Spectroscopy utility. OERSL-785 series are all-in-one laser systems. Using our advanced fiber Bragg grating wavelength stabilized technology, narrow line width suppression technology and advanced package technologies, OERSL-785S emits wavelength/power-stabilized, narrow bandwidth, high power in free space or  fiber coupled 785nm laser. OERSL-785M integrates power-stabilized laser driver and precise temperature controller. It also provides an optional  TTL modulation port, which can accept a modulation control input of up to 100 kHz.


  • Wavelength stabilized by fiber Bragg grating technology

  • 0.03nm spectral line width for single mode laser

  • OERSL-785S with free space output 70mW or 20mW for SM fiber

  • Up to 1.4W for MM fiber

  • Optional 100kHz modulator

  • Output power adjustment

  • Optional output power display or driving current display

  • Turn key solution or OEM module

  • Turn on/off switch and working indictor

  • Low cost


  • Raman Spectroscopy

  • DPSS laser

  • BioMedical

  • Instrumentation

  • Metrology

  • Material Science


                Optical Spectrum of OERSL-785S                         OELS-600 (turn key solution)


                        OEM Module





Peak Wavelength 785nm +/- 3nm 785nm +/- 3nm 785nm +/- 3nm
Output Power 70mW (Free Sapce) 20mW(in SMFiber) Typ. 500mW Typ. 1400mW 
Output Fiber      5/125 um SM Fiber  105/125um @ 0.22NA MM fiber
Connector FC/PC, FC/APC SMA 905 (ST, FC/PC optional)
Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM) 0.01nm ~ 0.1nm  Typ. 0.5 nm   Typ. 2.0 nm  
Optical Power Stability <0.1% over 8 hrs with 1 hr warm-up
Optical Power adjustment yes, with a knob in front panel for turn key solution
Display (optional) output power display or driving current display( optional)
Modulation Control (Optional) TTL modulation 0-100 kHz (optional)
Fiber Type SM, PM, MM or Free Space
Power Supply 110-120VAC, 60Hz/220-240VAC, 50Hz
Physical Dimensions (HxWxD) 120mm x 250mm x 250mm(source), 90mm x 65mm x 36mm (OEM)
Operation Temperature 0 oC to 40 oC ( 32 oF to 104 oF)
Storage Temperature -20 oC to 70 oC (-4 oF to 158 oF)
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing


For free space output collimated (or focused) beam 785nm Raman laser source, please see details at:

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For fiber coupled 785nm laser diode inventory, please see details at:

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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