Laser Diode Driver System for ToCan Laser Diode

( An economic way to build different laser sources with only one equipment )

Laser Diode Driver System with model number OEDDS-100 is used for driving or testing laser diode with TO-can type package(with or without fiber coupled). It is a very economic way to build different laser source with only one laser diode driver system.  Save your time and money ! The TO-can packaged laser diode can be fiber coupled laser diode or free space laser diode.  The TO-can laser diode can be F-P laser, DFB laser, SLD, LED, SOA et al. Get one fiber coupled laser diode and build your own fiber coupled laser diode system today.


                             Fig1. Laser Diode  Driver System                                                       Fig.2 Laser Diode Driver System with Fiber Coupled Laser diode



  • The only equipment needed for all your laser diodes

  • TO-Can type laser diode package mount

  • Support pump laser, signal laser, DFB laser, F-P laser, SLD, SOA, LED

  • High precision laser diode driver

  • Laser diode current display

  • Over current protection

  • Laser diode with different pin number (2, 3, 4 )

  • Laser diode with different pin diagram (with or without photo detector)

  • Full engineering support


  • Build your own laser system and light source

  • Test laser diode with TO-Can package

  • Good for lab use and temporary solution

Please contact our engineer for more information on customer laser mount.

If you need a laser diode driver and temperature controller product:

Laser diode controller system for butterfly or DIP package


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