Phase Mask for Fibre Bragg Grating Fabrication

We produce phase masks, with model number OEPMP-100, of up to 150 mm in length for fibre Bragg grating fabrication. Our phase mask products include uniform, chirped, phase shift, long phase mask and sample phase masks for DWDM filter, fiber sensor, dispersion compensation, gain flattening, laser diode stabilizer, waveguide and other applications. Our products cover a wide range from 300 nm to 5000 nm in grating period. Our unique fabrication technique guarantees an ultra high precision period, a very low zero order and a very high uniformity comparable with holographic phase mask.

Our phase mask types:

Multi Phase Mask Array in one substrate: for DWDM Fiber Grating, Grating Array Fabrication

Multi Phase Shift Phase Mask: for up to 300 Phase Shifts in a Single Phase Mask

Multi Position Phase Mask: for Sensor, Waveguide and Multi Wavelength FBG Fabrication

Chirped Phase Mask: for Linear Chirp, Nonlinear Chirp, Sinusoidal Chirp Fiber Grating Fabrication

Long Phase Mask:up to 150 mm long phase mask with all different types

Different Illumination Wavelength:248 nm, 193 nm, 530 nm, 800 nm ...

High Quality Phase Masks:Our quality is comparable with holographic phase masks but for a lesser cost


New Types of Phase Mask Products:

1. Multi Phase Mask Arrays are used to make DWDM Fibre Gratings with 4 channels, 8 channels, or 16 channels without change phase mask. They feature 2, 4, 8, 16 phase masks with different periods in one substrate. The Multi Phase Mask Array makes the setup of fibre grating fabrication very simple. Without changing the phase mask, 4 to 16 channels of fiber grating filters can be made in one setup. This approach can save both time and money when writing large amounts of gratings. It is particularly useful when writing several gratings of different wavelengths in a single fibre.

2. Multi Phase Shift Phase Mask is a phase mask with up to 200 phase shifts. It gives fiber optics engineers a great freedom of phase mask design. The multi-phase shift mask can be incorporated with chirped phase mask and uniform phase mask or even combination of both.

3. Multi Position Phase Masks are phase mask arrays in with horizontal orientation, vertical orientation, or both. For example, if each of fibre Bragg grating of an array should be positioned with high precision along a fibre, the Multi Position Phase Mask can remove the alignment problem between each phase mask and the fiber and provides you with the best solution. If you want to make multi wavelength fiber laser, the Multi Position Phase Mask can also make your job much easier in this fiber laser fabrication process.

Figure 1: Phase masks with different lengths for fiber grating fabrication

Figure 2: Phase mask array with different period in one substrate for fiber grating array fabrication

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Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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