Custom Fibre Bragg Grating

O/E LAND INC is capable to provide wide range of customized fibre gratings for R&D prototype and mass production purposes. Fibre grating wavelengths can range from 400 nm to 2175 nm. We offer many types of custom made fiber Bragg gratings like:


Broadband reflection mirror:

Figure 1: Reflection spectrum of broadband mirror fibre grating

Linear Shape Fiber Bragg Grating:

Figure 2: Linear shape transmission spectrum of a fiber Bragg grating

Tilted Fibre Bragg Grating

Figure 3: Transmission Spectrum of tilted fibre grating (blazed FBG)

Fibre Bragg grating in multimode fibre:

Figure 4: Transmission spectrum of fibre grating in multimode fibre

Ultra-Broadband (60 nm bandwidth) Reflection Mirror:

Figure 5: Reflection spectrum of ultra-broadband (60 nm) reflection mirror fibre grating

Phase shift fibre Bragg grating:

Figure 6: Transmission spectrum of phase shifted fibre grating


To manufacture and market fiber Bragg grating products, you need a fiber Bragg grating license. O/E LAND INC. has full License Agreement from CRC/UTC Fiber Bragg Grating Technologies Portfolio. Customers who use fiber Bragg gratings or incorporate fiber Bragg gratings with their own products must buy fiber Bragg grating from a manufacturer having a fiber Bragg grating license.

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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