Company Info

O/E LAND INC. was federally incorporated in January of 1997.

O/E LAND INC. specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of fiber gratings, fiber grating sensors, sensor interrogation systems, phase masks, broadband light sources, LED light sources, lensed fibers, fiber arrays, laser diode drivers, mini temperature chambers, hydrogen loading systems and other optoelectronic components, fiber optics and micro optics products.

To manufacture and market fiber Bragg grating products, you need a fiber Bragg grating license. O/E LAND INC. has full License Agreement from CRC/UTC Fiber Bragg Grating Technologies Portfolio. Customers who use fiber Bragg gratings or incorporate fiber Bragg gratings with their own products must buy fiber Bragg grating from a manufacturer having a fiber Bragg grating license.

Our philosophy is to serve our customers with high performance, yet affordable fiber optics, micro optics and optoelectronics products and services.