Products and Services

Fiber Bragg Gratings (wavelength from 400 nm - 2400 nm), Gain Flattening Filters, DWDM Gratings, Dispersion Compensation Gratings, Long Period Gratings, Phase Masks, H2 Loading Systems
Swept Laser Sources, Tunable Laser Sources, Pulse Compressor, Broadband Light Sources, LED Sources, UV Light Sources, Laser Sources for Raman spectroscopy, Multi Wavelength Light Sources, Supercontinuum Light Sources, Laser Diode Modules
2 μm Laser Sources, 2 μm Broadband Sources, 2 μm Polarization Combiners, 2 μm Beam Splitters, 2 μm Polarization Controllers, 793/2000 nm WDM Couplers, 1600/2000 nm WDM Couplers, Fiber Coupled 2 μm Photodetectors
Fiber Grating Temperature Sensors, Strain Sensors, Displacement Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Sensor Interrogation Systems
Tunable Optical Filters, Laser Diode Controllers, Laser Diode Drivers, Laser Diode Mounts, Laser Diode Test Systems, U-Benches, Optical Delay Lines, Mini Temperature Chambers, Linear Filters, Wavelength Combiners, Optical Couplers With Tilt and Lateral Adjustment
Fiber Collimators, Couplers, Splitters, Isolators, Circulators, Attenuators, Optical Switches, Lensed Fibers, V-Groove Chips, Fiber Arrays, Fiber Polarization Controllers, EDFA, DWDM, Fiber Boots, Non-Standard Ferrules and Connectors, Reference Patchcords, Variable Optical Delay Lines, Fiber Re-circulating Loops, Fiber Coupled F-P Etalons
Second-Harmonic Generation Microscopy, Multi-Photon Microscopy, COVID-19 Disinfection Systems