Gain Flattening Filtre

The Gain flattening filtre (GFF), based on fibre Bragg grating technology, with model number OEGFF-100 is a reflective type filtre. The OEGFF-100 can be used in C-band or L-band erbium doped fibre amplifier (EDFA) or Raman amplifier. One advantage of the OEGFF-100 compared with the thin film based GFF filtre is that each filtre shape is different, and there no accumulated error when several of them are cascaded with each other. Advanced fibre Bragg grating fabrication technology and a patented temperature compensation package ensures the lowest ripple and smallest error function for the best gain equalization performance for your EDFA products.

The transmission curve of the OEGFF-100 is custom designed to match your specific gain curve with a precision of +/- 0.2 dB for an attenuation of 7 dB from 1520 nm to 1625 nm, and with a precision of +/- 0.5 dB for a maximum attenuation up to 15 dB from 1520 nm to 1625 nm.

Specifications of the OEGFF-100:

Parameter Unit Value
Wavelength range nm 1520 - 1625
Precision (typical) dB 0.5
Precision (typical) dB 0.2
Maximum attenuation dB > 15
Insertion loss dB < 0.5
PDL dB < 0.1
PMD ps < 0.1
Fibre type - SMF-28 or compatible
Fibre pigtail m 1 (or custom size)
Package (athermal, length x OD) mm 78 x 7.3
Connector - FC/PC, FC/APC or SC

Figure 1: Transmission curve of one OEGFF-100

To manufacture and market fiber Bragg grating products, you need a fiber Bragg grating license. O/E LAND INC. has full License Agreement from CRC/UTC Fiber Bragg Grating Technologies Portfolio. Customers who use fiber Bragg gratings or incorporate fiber Bragg gratings with their own products must buy fiber Bragg grating from a manufacturer having a fiber Bragg grating license.

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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