Fibre Coupled Mid Infrared Photodetector and Power Meter

Our fibre coupled mid-infrared photodetectors with model number from OEFCP-2000 to OEFCP-6000 can detect light signal from 2 μm - 6 μm wavelength range. It can detect continuous wave or pulsed mid infrared signals. With our advanced photonics package technology, the OEFCP series has a high coupling efficiency, low insertion loss and wide wavelength sensitivity. This product can be used as OEM for industry products or measurement instrument for research and laboratory. Our series from OEFCM-2000 to OEFCM-6000 are turn key solutions ( photodetector, built-in electronic amplifier and display). For more information, please contact us at


Mid Infrared Fibre Coupled Photodetector Specifications:

Type Model number
Photodetector OEFCP-2000 OEFCP-3000 OEFCP-4000
Power meter OEFCM-2000 OEFCM-3000 OEFCM-4000
Parameter Unit Value
Type - InGaAs InAs PbSe
Cutoff wavelength μm 2.6 3.6 4.0
Cooling method - non-cooled, or TE cooled
Fibre type - SM, PM, MM
Operating temperature °C -20 - +60
Storage Temperature °C -40 - +85
Package size mm 15 x 30 (diameter x length) or other dimensions
*USB port option available

Figure 1: OEFCP-2000 2.0 μm Fibre Coupled Photodetector

Figure 2: OEFCM-6000 6.0 μm Fibre Coupled Power Meter (Turn Key Solution)

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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